The most iconic Corgi model car ever produced.

Our Toy & Games Auction on July 2nd was a trip down memory lane and featured lots from the 1960’s, ’70’s. ’80’s & ’90’s. Our top pick was the Corgi model 261. Arguably the most iconic toy car of the 1960’s & 70’s. The Corgi 261 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 remains one of the most successful Corgi models ever. An original example (pictured above), went under the hammer together with other vintage lots including Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Dr Who, Star Wars and Star Trek together with more recent genres including Warhammer 40k and Pokémon.

Capturing the hearts and minds of a generation.

The feature packed 261 landed just before Christmas 1965, following the huge success of the blockbuster film Goldfinger featuring Sean Connery as James Bond. The movie grossed an eyewatering $250 million at the box office back in the day and the number of 261 models released isn’t to be sneezed at either, with 3.9 million being sold – more than enough to fulfil every boy’s Christmas wish list dreams! The model Aston Martin continues to hold favor to this day, with over 7 million having been produced in several different varieties.

Facts & Features:

  • Produced by Corgi between 1965 – 1968
  • 1:46 scale
  • Gold bodywork
  • Two retractable machine guns
  • Ejector seat
  • Rear bulletproof shield
  • Original price 50p
  • More than 3.9 million units sold

Why gold instead of silver as featured in the movie?

Common belief has it that Corgi’s marketing team thought the silver colour looked unfinished and decided to go with gold both for presentation and to tie in better with the film’s title. Going for gold certainly paid off with shelves being stripped within minutes and Corgi winning UK Toy of the Year Award.
In 1968 Corgi re-released a silver version with additional features to include revolving number plates and rear tyre slashers.

The most iconic Corgi model car ever produced.
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